National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institution affiliated to the Bangladesh Ministry of Social Welfare

Diploma in Engineering (Computer Technology) (DECT) 4 Years result publication 2020

Name Arnab Chowdhury
Father Name Tapas Kumar Chowdhury
Mother Name Shilpi Chowdhury
Student Type Regular
Date of Birth 30-08-1999
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 64498
Reg no 807250
Course Duration Computer Technology (01-July-2016 to 30-June-2020)
Batch Computer Technology-(Batch-July-16 to June-20)
Gender Male
Religion Hindu
CGPA 3.75

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
Engineering Drawing - 1st Semester A+
English-1 - 1st Semester A
Mathematics-1 - 1st Semester A-
Chemistry- 1st Semester B+
Computer Fundamental - 1st Semester A+
Basic Electricity - 1st Semester A+
Basic Electronics- 1st Semester A+
English - 2 - 2nd Semester A-
Physical Education & Life Skill/Development - 2nd Semester A
Physics-1 - 2nd Semester A-
Mathematics-2 - 2nd Semester A-
Computer Application -1 - 2nd Semester A+
Bangla - 2nd Semester A
Electronic Device & Circuits-1 - 2nd Semester B+
Basic Workshop Patrice - 2nd Semester A+
Programming Language-1 - 3rd Semester A
Computer Application - 3rd Semester A+
Digital Electronics - 1, - 3rd Semester A
industrial Electronics - 3rd Semester A-
Mathematics-3 - 3rd Semester A-
Physics -2 , - 3rd Semester A
Social Science -1 , - 3rd Semester A+
Programming Language-2 - 4th Semester A
CAD & Graphic Design- 4th Semester A+
Digital Electronics 2 - 4th Semester A-
Data Structure & Algorithm - 4th Semester A-
Electrical Circuits & Machines - 4th Semester A
Discrete Mathematics - 4th Semester A-
Social Science -2 - 4th Semester A+
Microprocessor & Microcomputer-1 - 5th Semester B+
Computer Architecture - 5th Semester A
Programming Language-3 - 5th Semester A
Database Management System - 5th Semester A
Web Design - 5th Semester A-
Book Keeping & Accounting - 5th Semester A
Environmental Management - 5th Semester A+
Microprocessor & Microcomputer-2 - 6th Semester A
Computer Peripherals - 6th Semester A
Data Communication & Computer Network-1 - 6th Semester A-
Computer System Software- 6th Semester A
Computer Servicing- 6th Semester A
Web Development- 6th Semester A
Business Organization & Communication- 6th Semester A+
Embedded Systems & PLC- 7th Semester B+
Multimedia & Graphics - 7th Semester A+
System Analysis & Design & Development - 7th Semester A
Data Communication & Network-2 - 7th Semester B+
Computer Engineering Project - 7th Semester A+
Industrial Management - 7th Semester A
Entrepreneurship - 7th Semester A+
Industrial Tanning - 8th Semester A+
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