National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institution affiliated to the Bangladesh Ministry of Social Welfare

Medical Pharmacy Course (MPC) result publication 2017

Name Rubel Ahmed
Father Name Shafiqur Rahman
Mother Name Arifa Begum
Student Type Regular
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 2014
Reg no 975045
Course Duration Medical Pharmacy Course (01-Jan-16 to 30-Dec-16)
Batch MPC-(Batch-16)
Gender Male
Religion Islam
CGPA 2.95

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
Basic Anatomy (1st Semester) B+(68)
Basic Physiology (1st Semester) B-(56)
First Aid & Patient Care (1st Semester) B+(66)
Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry (1st Semester) C+ (52)
Dressing, Bandaging & Injection Pushing IM/IV/SC & Stitch (Catgut) (1st Semester) B (61)
Basic Pathology & Micro Biology (2nd Semester) B (62)
Gynecology & Obstetrics (2nd Semester) B (63)
Surgery Basic (2nd Semester) C+ (53)
General & Systemic Pharmacology & Drugs (2nd Semester) B- (59)
Diseases Diagnosis & Treatment-Common (3rd Semester) B- (58)
Acid, Base & Electrolyte, Disorders (3rd Semester) C+ (54)
Food, Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals (3rd Semester) B (64)
Road Traffic Accident (RTA) & Patients Care & Emergency Medicine (3rd Semester) B- (57)
Physiotherapy in Orthopedic (3rd Semester) B- (59)
Medicine & its Preserve Storrage (3rd Semester) C+ (53)
Cut, Burn, Wound, Fracture, Emergency Management (4th Semester) B- (58)
Basic Computer Science (4th Semester) B+ (67)
Internship (4th Semester) A- (72)
Viva (4th Semester) A (76)
Practical (4th Semester) A- (74)