National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institution affiliated to the Bangladesh Ministry of Social Welfare

Diploma in Engineering (Electrical Technology) (DEET)-4 Years result publication 2019

Name Md.Alamin
Father Name Md. Hafizur Rahman
Mother Name Rehena Khatun
Student Type Regular
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 280649
Reg no 650322
Course Duration Engineering in Electrical (01-Jan-15 to 30-Dec-19) 4 Years
Batch Engineering in Electrical-(Batch-14-19)
Gender Male
Religion Islam
CGPA 3.53

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
81 (A+) 1st Semester
75 (A) 1st Semester
72 (A) 1st Semester
80 (A+) 1st Semester
57 (B-) 1st Semester
64 (B) 1st Semester
76 (A) 1st Semester
72 (A-) 2nd Semester
61 (B) 2nd Semester
67 (B+) 2nd Semester
80 (A+) 2nd Semester
68 (B+) 2nd Semester
75 (A) 2nd Semester
81 (A+) 2nd Semester
66 (B+) 3rd Semester
67 (B+) 3rd Semester
76 (A) 3rd Semester
62 (B) 3rd Semester
83 (A+) 3rd Semester
67 (B+) 3rd Semester
81 (A+) 3rd Semester
64 (B) 4th Semester
75 (A) 4th Semester
67 (B+) 4th Semester
80 (A+) 4th Semester
82 (A+) 4th Semester
68 (B+) 4th Semester
63 (B) 4th Semester
77 (A) 5th Semester
63 (B) 5th Semester
68 (B+) 5th Semester
80 (A+) 5th Semester
66 (B+) 5th Semester
71 (A-) 5th Semester
64 (B) 5th Semester
71 (A-) 6th Semester
64 (B) 6th Semester
64 (B) 6th Semester
81 (A+) 6th Semester
76 (A) 6th Semester
65 (B) 6th Semester
68 (B+) 6th Semester
76 (A) 7th Semester
68 (B+) 7th Semester
63 (B) 7th Semester
84 (A+) 7th Semester
82 (A+) 7th Semester
63 (B) 7th Semester
66 (B+) 7th Semester
83 (A+) 8th Semester