National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institute

Diploma in Hotel Management-(DHM) 4 Years result publication 2013

Name Mahera Akter
Father Name Mahfuzur Rahman
Mother Name Maymuna Begum
Student Type Regular
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 31254
Reg no 61235
Course Duration Hotel Management ( 1st January 2009- 30th December 2012 )
Batch Hotel Management-(Batch-2009-2012)
Gender Female
Religion Islam
CGPA 3.14

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
Language - 1st Semester A-
Front Office Operation - 1st Semester A+
Basic Food Production - 1st Semester A-
Basic Food & Beverage Service - 1st Semester A
Nutrition Food Science - 1st Semester A
Accommodation Operation - 1st Semester B+
Health Hygiene - 1st Semester A-
Food & Beverage Management - 1st Semester A-
Quality Food Production- 2nd Semester A+
Beverage Operations- 2nd Semester A-
Principles of Management- 2nd Semester B+
Principles of Accounting - 2nd Semester B+
Hotel Maintenance- 2nd Semester A+
Environmental Studies - 2nd Semester A-
Food & Beverage Management - 2nd Semester A-
Advanced Food Production - 2nd Semester B+
Advance Beverage Services - 3rd Semester B+
Front Office Management - 3rd Semester A+
Facility Planning - 3rd Semester B+
Hotel Law - 3rd Semester A+
Hotel Financial Management - 3rd Semester B+
Research Methodology- 3rd Semester A-
Marketing Sales Management - 3rd Semester A-
Applications of Computer - 3rd Semester A
Tourism & Hospitality Management Foundation - 4th Semester A+
Property Management Systems - 4th Semester A-
Food Safety & Quality - 4th Semester A-
Communication Skill in English - 4th Semester A-
Hotel Accountancy - 4th Semester B+
Personal Development Planning (PDP) - 4th Semester B+
Hotel Interface/ Hotel Exposure - 4th Semester A-
Management of Hospitality Organisations - 4th Semester A+
Human Resource Management - 5th Semester B+
Tourism Marketing - 5th Semester A+
Food Science & Nutrition - 5th Semester A-
Business Communication - 5th Semester B+
House Keeping Operation - 5th Semester B+
Elementary French - 5th Semester B+
Hotel Engineering - 5th Semester A-
Basic Accounting - 5th Semester A
House Keeping Operation-2 - 6th Semester A-
House Keeping Management - 6th Semester A-
Research Methodology & Quantitative Analysis - 6th Semester B+
Hospitality Marketing - 6th Semester A
Hospitality Research Project - 6th Semester B+
Open Elective - 6th Semester B+
Professional Elective- 1 & 2 - 6th Semester B+
Fast food Chain Management - 6th Semester A
Industrial Training (48 Weeks) - 7th & 8th Semester A+
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