National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institution affiliated to the Bangladesh Ministry of Social Welfare

Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery (DNSM) result publication 2019

Name Jemeya Sultana
Father Name Salim Ullah
Mother Name Sarifa Khanam
Student Type Regular
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 83210
Reg no 922502
Course Duration Diploma in Nursing (01-Jan-16 to 30-Dec-18)
Batch DNSM-(Batch-16-18)
Gender Female
Religion Islam
CGPA 3.15

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
Bangla (1st Semester) B+(67)
English (1st Semester) B-(58)
Physics (1st Semester) B-(56)
Chemistry (1st Semester) B- (58)
Biology (1st Semester) A- (72)
Anatomy (1st Semester) B+(67)
Physiology (1st Semester) B (61)
Community Medicine (1st Semester) B (64)
Gross Anatomy (2nd Semester) B (63)
General Pathology (2nd Semester) B+ (67)
Sterilization and Hygine (2nd Semester) B (61)
First Aid, Dressing, Injection Pushing IM/IV/SC and Stich (catgat) and Emergency Management (2nd Semester) B+ (66)
Micro Biology (2nd Semester) B- (57)
Basic Community Medicine and Pediatrics (2nd Semester) B+ (66)
Common Virus and Bacteria (2nd Semester) B+ (67)
Community Health & Medical Ethics (2nd Semester) B+ (69)
Medicine and Drugs (3rd Semester) B- (58)
Family Planning and Vaccination (EPI Schedule) (3rd Semester) B (63)
Fundamental of Nursing and Midwife Nursing (3rd Semester) B+ (66)
Dermatology and Gynecology (3rd Semester) B (61)
Obstetrics (3rd Semester) B (62)
Nursing Management and Administration (3rd Semester) B+ (66)
Emergency Patients and OT Patients Care (3rd Semester) B+ (67)
Surgery and Anesthesiology (4th Semester) B (62)
Rules and function of Nurse and history of Nursing (4th Semester) B (63)
Cardiac, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Surgery Nursing (4th Semester) B (64)
Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment (4th Semester) B+ (67)
System Based Diseases and Medicine (4th Semester) B (64)
Psychiatry and Ophthalmology (4th Semester) B+ (68)
Public Health and Family Planning (4th Semester) B+ (66)
Parasitology and Virology and Hematology (5th Semester) B- (58)
Feeding of infants and Children (5th Semester) B (62)
Emergency and OT Nursing and Surgical Instrument Assist (5th Semester) B (64)
Delivery and injury Patients Care and basic Treatment (5th Semester) B (61)
Medical Jurisprudence (5th Semester) B+ (66)
Problems ad Diseases of Pregnancy (5th Semester) B+ (68)
Bleeding Vagina is first six months of pregnancy (5th Semester) B (62)
Internship (6th Semester) Final A- (72)
Viva (6th Semester) Final A (76)
Practical (6th Semester) Final A- (71)
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