National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)

A Technical Educational Institute

Diploma in Engineering (Computer Technology) (DECT) 4 Years result publication 2024

Name Abu Hurairah Adel
Father Name Mohammad Abu Taher
Mother Name Halima Begum
Student Type Regular
Institute National Youth Development Academy (NYDA)
Roll 72177
Reg no 89630
Course Duration Computer Technology (1st January 2020 to 28th December 2023)
Batch Computer Technology-(Batch-1st January 2020 to 28th December 2023)
Gender Male
Religion Islam
CGPA 3.61

Subject Wise Grade/Mark Sheet

Subject Grade
Engineering Drawing - 1st Semester A
English-1 - 1st Semester A-
Mathematics-1 - 1st Semester A-
Chemistry- 1st Semester B+
Computer Fundamental - 1st Semester A+
Basic Electricity - 1st Semester A
Basic Electronics- 1st Semester A
English - 2 - 2nd Semester A
Physical Education & Life Skill/Development - 2nd Semester A
Physics-1 - 2nd Semester A-
Mathematics-2 - 2nd Semester A-
Computer Application -1 - 2nd Semester A+
Bangla - 2nd Semester A
Electronic Device & Circuits-1 - 2nd Semester B+
Basic Workshop Patrice - 2nd Semester A
Programming Language-1 - 3rd Semester A-
Computer Application - 3rd Semester A+
Digital Electronics - 1, - 3rd Semester B+
industrial Electronics - 3rd Semester B+
Mathematics-3 - 3rd Semester A-
Physics -2 , - 3rd Semester A-
Social Science -1 , - 3rd Semester A
Programming Language-2 - 4th Semester A-
CAD & Graphic Design- 4th Semester A-
Digital Electronics 2 - 4th Semester B+
Data Structure & Algorithm - 4th Semester A-
Electrical Circuits & Machines - 4th Semester A-
Discrete Mathematics - 4th Semester B+
Social Science -2 - 4th Semester A
Microprocessor & Microcomputer-1 - 5th Semester B+
Computer Architecture - 5th Semester A
Programming Language-3 - 5th Semester A-
Database Management System - 5th Semester B+
Web Design - 5th Semester A-
Book Keeping & Accounting - 5th Semester B+
Environmental Management - 5th Semester A-
Microprocessor & Microcomputer-2 - 6th Semester B+
Computer Peripherals - 6th Semester A
Data Communication & Computer Network-1 - 6th Semester A-
Computer System Software- 6th Semester A
Computer Servicing- 6th Semester A-
Web Development- 6th Semester A
Business Organization & Communication- 6th Semester A-
Embedded Systems & PLC- 7th Semester A-
Multimedia & Graphics - 7th Semester A
System Analysis & Design & Development - 7th Semester A
Data Communication & Network-2 - 7th Semester B+
Computer Engineering Project - 7th Semester A+
Industrial Management - 7th Semester A-
Entrepreneurship - 7th Semester A
Industrial Tanning - 8th Semester A+
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